Launch Event

CASCaDe Launch Event

Enjoy a taste of the Quantum World 
as we launch CASCaDe, 
a Collective for Art-Science, Creativity and Discovery, etc.

A free, celebratory event at Stage 5, Krannert Center for the Performing Arts
5:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. Friday, April 19 2024 

Join us in this beautiful public space as we share with you:

Quantum Voyages

An adventure tale of two voyagers exploring the quantum realm guided by the spirit of wisdom, accompanied by a quantum ensemble, and illumined by quantum sages, real-life physicists
Envisioned and scripted by Smitha Vishveshwara and Latrelle Bright
Here, we perform the opening scene, Light; What does it mean to See?

Performance Director: Latrelle Bright
Creative and Scientific Director: Smitha Vishveshwara
Music: Stephen Taylor
Assistant Performance Director: Jessica Page Elliot

Quantum Sage and Monologue Script: Virginia Lorenz
Sapienza: Kimmy Schofield
Terra: Surkhab Kaur
Akash: Jon Faw
Quantum Ensemble: Preethi Basani, Yuncong Geng, Noora Ghadhiri, Daniel Inafuku, Athira Kunnath, Soma Sarathy

Creative Fragments by students of Where the Arts Meets Physics

In this project-based course, students gain exposure to the marvelous ways in which science and art have joined hands and the incredible synergies that have emerged. Through the progression of the course, these class participants themselves become creators as art-science explorers. Here, they share some of the explorations that have emerged this semester.

Class Participants: Jared Baligod, Preethi Basani, Xavier Davenport, Jessica Page Elliot, Noora Ghadiri, Surkhab Kaur, Yinuan Liang, Anush Mishra, Gabriel Oliver, Matthew Rilloraza, Ethan Schmidt, Sara Starescheski, Ojas Turekar, Dhruv Tyagi, Maja Wlodarczyk
Teaching Assistants: Nina Bielinski, Azel Murzabekova
Faculty Instructors: Smitha Vishveshwara, Stephen Taylor

Contemplating the Universe

A communal invocation to muse on the awe and wonder inspired by the Universe and by what makes us who we are.
Guided by CASCaDe-rs, audience are invited to participate as and
when they feel moved to do so.

Quantum Entango

How do we connect, correlate, and observe? How does the quantum world do it through entanglement?
How do we as humans? How do we depict this through dance?
We embody these musings in this newly created tango-esque piece featuring Alex Tecza and Kato Lindholm. 
In the last few minutes of the dance, we invite those in the audience who would like to move and connect to join us

Choreography: Kato Lindholm, Alex Tecza, Smitha Vishveshwara
Concept and Science: Smitha Vishveshwara
Dance: Kato Lindholm and Alex Tecza
Music: Stephen Taylor

Event Program

Time Activity
5:00 p.m.
5:15 p.m.
Introduction by Latrelle, Steve, and Smitha
5:25 p.m.
Quantum Voyages
5:40 p.m.
5:45 p.m.
6:00 p.m.
Where the Arts Meets Physics course
6:15 p.m.
Quantum Entango
6:30 p.m.
Talk Back

About CASCaDe

In the past several years, a community has grown of over a hundred people together creating artistic experiences that explore questions about our humanity and our place in the Universe. Our roots are in Urbana-Champaign. We comprise university students, faculty, and staff, and groups from diverse walks of life. Our approaches vary and involve community building, research, and education. We seek to steep ourselves in contemplation and wonder, to embrace empathy, and to grow connections with Nature and fellow-explorers. Our past works include the performance pieces Quantum Voyages, Quantum Rhapsodies, and The Joy of Regathering; projects created in the interdisciplinary course, Where the Arts Meets Physics; and the virtual art-science festival, The Illuminated Universe.

We are bringing this community together as CASCaDe, a Collective for Art-Science, Creativity and Discovery, etc. The collective is guided by a trio that has taken the lead in several aspects of these previous explorations: Latrelle Bright (Theater), Stephen Taylor (Music), and Smitha Vishveshwara (Physics). Fellow-explorers of the past and present are integral to the collective. We welcome like-minded explorers to join us!

CASCaDe website coming soon!

The CASCaDe Launch, a campus-wide community event, is hosted by the Krannert Center for Performing Arts in partnership with IQUIST's World Quantum Day events.